riding the waves

Last weekend was a wild cascade of so many luscious events I don't even know where to begin...perhaps the photos I took of the Water Dance/Song given by Stephanie and Ariana (aka. The Bliss Princess) at the Denver Botanic Gardens would be a good place.

Our mile-high desert has been baking at the 100 degree setting for quite a while, es muy caliente...especially when one is dancing barefoot on the scalding cement.
While feeling my feet on the Earth and watching Stephanie dance, I was drinking in the amazing wisdom that our planet and our bodies have the same ratio of water...Stephanie's invocation to rain and honoring of all the waters of life left us all drenched in her waves of delight.

My gosh woman!
Your voice is that of a
Séraphin Apsara!
Be sure to take a secret peek into Ariana's
"Diaries of the Bliss Princess" by
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After all is said and done...
the only thing left to do is give it ALL away.