imprisoned flowers

Lookie! These cute little purple flowers decided to reach past this steel grating and bloom themselves into freedom!

Light will someday split you open

Even if your life is now a cage,
Love will surely bust you wide open
Into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy...


homework of the devil

Monday morning, there's Lila, in her second day as a squeeky clean-just out of the box freshman @ Boulder High School (with 2000 other attendies) and her science teacher mentions how much he really likes "chocolate devil's food cake", obviously dropping hints about how to get a good grade in his class.

Lila being the good Boulder edamame eating-spirulina drinking girl that she is, asks him what devil's food cake is (she's never had it). She can wax poetic about the differences between Lebanese and Moroccan baba ganoush, or discuss the subtleties of a well cooked masala dosa but when it comes to American cuisine (...can we even call it that?), she's a little in the dark.

The science teacher’s solution to this "tragisty" (my word, not his) was to reach elbow deep (according to Lila's descriptive re-telling of the progression of events) into a drawer and pull out a cake mix. Lila's homework for last night was to bake the cake. ...very cute indeed. We may have gotten a little carried away with the icing but how often does one get a chance to decorate a cake? For me it is seldom. I wanted to draw devils and pentagrams and the "fires of Hell" all over but Lila forbade it. In anycase, I think perhaps this homework assignment takes the cake....teee heee.



Last week I was hired to do some graphic design using images of the zen enzo. After working on the project and looking at the paintings for several hours, I found myself becoming quite captivated by what it was bringing into my awareness.

The enzo is the circle of infinity,
circle of simplicity, circle of all beginnings and all endings. It contains emptiness and fullness and reminds us of All things visible, All things unseen and of course; to end is to begin and so on. The real appeal for me rests in the actual practice of creating the enzo. The monk sits in meditation and at the moment of enlightenment, paints the circle as an expression of his/her realization and unity with everything....


we sail 2 night 4 singapore

Just play along 4 a moment, OK?
Lila and I spent this rainy Saturn-day working on the 10,000 things that needed tending to in our home but all the while, we were listening to Tom Waits wax poetic, his sweet gravely diatribes. By hour numero 3 I was feeling huge appreciation for the ole guy. He's just so ...sooo....soooo...everything that makes me happy!

In return for the countless years of fun his music has bestowed on me, here is my:

"Cheerleading 4 Tom Moment!"

We sail tonight for Singapore,
we're all as mad as hatters here
I've fallen for a tawny Moor,
took off to the land of Nod
Drank with all the Chinamen,
walked the sewers of Paris
I danced along a colored wind,
dangled from a rope of sand
You must say goodbye to me

Wipe him down with gasoline
'til his arms are hard and mean
From now on boys this iron boat's your home
So heave away, boys

We sail tonight for Singapore,
take your blankets from the floor
Wash your mouth out by the door,
the whole town's made of iron ore
Every witness turns to steam,
they all become Italian dreams
Fill your pockets up with earth,
get yourself a dollar's worth
Away boys, away boys, heave away

We sail tonight for Singapore,
don't fall asleep while you're ashore
Cross your heart and hope to die
when you hear the children cry
Let marrow bone and cleaver choose
while making feet for children shoes
Through the alley, back from hell,
when you hear that steeple bell
You must say goodbye to me

The captain is a one-armed dwarf,
he's throwing dice along the wharf
In the land of the blind
the one-eyed man is king, so take this ring

We sail tonight for Singapore,
we're all as mad as hatters here
I've fallen for a tawny Moor,
took off to the land of Nod
Drank with all the Chinamen,
walked the sewers of Paris
I drank along a colored wind,
I dangled from a rope of sand
You must say goodbye to me

dakini designs

And let us not forget;
Your resident Dakini (Sanskrit:
Cloud Dancer) is on call 4 you:
Need a business card, brochure, website, photoshot, or...?
Visit my website @:

The Dakini is described in the Buddhist texts as a female enitity, devoted to truth, higher meaning and enlightenment.

She awakens us
with magic, dignity and splendor, celebrating and suffusing life with delight as she dances across the sky.

The behavior of Dakini is uncontrolable and mysterious but always revelatory; she responds to our deepest desires by dissolving us into truth. Love is her domain and to keep things intersting, she can assume any form.

Dakini provoke and enervate life into being!
...Are you ready to ENERVATE?!


zen cabaret

This is easily the best play I've seen in a very long time!

I laughed so hard, I'm quite sure it added 10 yrs. to
my life -- and my dear friend Zazou plays 'Pink Slip'!
Plz try to see it!


catcti in the clouds


ambrosial amusements

The sinfulness factor is probably quite high but it doesn't seem to slow the requests for these: Cocoa Coconut Cookies -- or C5

3/4 C. unsweet cocoa powder
2 1/2 C. powdered sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
1 T. vanilla
5 large egg whites
1 3/4 C. coconut - shredded
1/2 C. chopped bittersweet chocolate

preheat oven @ 350
whisk together cocoa, coconut and salt
whisk eggs and vanilla
combine the wet ingredients with the dry
add coconut and chopped chocolate
mix for 2 minutes [batter should be quite viscus]
scoop into parchment or silpat
bake for 12 minutes or until fissures form


lake of gold

Last week I had the incredible honor of taking some photos of my dear friend, teacher, student, nun in the midst of her asana practice.

In my travels I spent time with a great yogi. Once he said to me, “Become so still you hear the blood flowing through your veins.”

One night as I sat in quiet, I seemed on the verge of entering a world inside so vast...
the source of

A strange passion is moving in my head.
My heart has become a bird which searches in the sky.
Every part of me goes in different directions.
Is it really so -
that the one I love is everywhere?


heart sutra

Came across this Buddha while walking @ Gold Lake last week.
The mudra he is holding is ever so complicated, I wonder what it means.

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.

straight on till dawn

Last month I was hired to be an artistic consultant for the filming of a movie.

When the shooting began, the crew was required to arrive on location at dawn every morning.

This is what greeted us, the sort of sunrises that buckle the knees and take the breath away...


let there be light

Ummm..yes, well...these photos that Conrad took the other day are certainly soliciting some amusing commentary. I say, "Bring it on! This is but one of the 10,000 ways that I touch God, 4 Real!" As Conrad was 'having a moment', I reminded him that, "As a temple dancer, there is nothing to worry about! I AM a trained professional after all!, non?"

If you would like to visit Conrad's foto site it can be found @:

And behold,
Jesus met them and greeted them.
And they came up and took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.
- Matthew 28:9

And God said:

Let there be light... and there was light.
Genesis 1:3


wagon load of sky

A few photoz from a recent romp thru the mountain town of Ward.