your space not mine

Oh...has it really come to this?
Dasila's My Space



Here is a preview to one of my upcoming art projects...
and you thought I couldn't draw--ha!


lila and the black sharpie

Here are a few of Lila's recent artistic werx.


viva la revolution

The long-lost photos of Bon Bon's Adventures in Paris have finally been found!

She had been hiding-out with a band of freedom-fighting gypsies for the last 4 years but as of last Tuesday, we received word that she will soon deliver plans for our next mission.

We anxiously await further instruction - Viva la Revolution!

au revoir...happy travels

lobster with love

Quite likely one of the oddest valentines I've ever seen...

extract of fact

Here's a great way to waste a whole lotta time:

Type your answer to each question below, into the Google image search, see what you find.

The original rules were to post 1 image per question
but I'm guessing I'll rabble-rouse and post as many as I like.

*click on an image to view it larger.

1) Age at next birthday:

2) A place you'd like to travel:

3) Your favorite place:

4) Your favorite objects:

5) Your favorite foods:

6) Your favorite animal:

7) Your favorite color:

8) Town where you were born:

9) Town where you live:

10) Name of a past pet:

11) Bad habit of yours:

12) College major:

13) Your first name:

Here is a funny one; when I type my name into Google, I find photos which a friend took of me, taking photos, in India 3 years ago, she currently has them posted on her website:
To make it extra co-ink-ie-dinkie, I'm wearing the same outfit TODAY-we're thru the looking glass on this one folks!

14) Your grandmother's first name:
(2 grandmothers = 2 names)

Have Fun!!!