friendly friends

Oh! I have such loverly friends!

Zazou in the door-way

Zazou pondering life...

Oh Lionel...

I do so torture you with this camera...

But, it's just way so much fun!
I simply must!!!


out with the old

Tidy-ing up some old files and came across a few forgotten images:

Cosmos after the rain.

Dog Beach, San Diego.

Allegra in her Hello Kitty chapeau.
I love how the pompom is almost as big as her head.

Ling in "The Stacks" @ Norlan Library.

Ling and her 'Light from Above".

"The First Holga Outing--2005".
Green Mnt. Cemetery, Boulder, Co.

Capturing the Water Nymph
Holga 120N

Taos, NM. 2006.


poetry slam

A few weeks ago I began frequenting a local poetry reading. I am now quite a fan as it began to feel like going to church, in a good way!

People communing and spilling out their hearts out for the things they care about, mostly in very electric and beautiful ways, not always...but mostly.

Seems that most of my friends also intuite poems while sitting there, here is one that came to Sam last week:

And then Aviv asked him if he knew any "big words" and I mentioned that it didn't seem to involve any lesbian sex, which many of the poems seem to focus on, so he wrote the entire poem again...with bigger words...and sex. It was pretty hilarious. [click on the image if the text is too small to read]


ghoul girl

Lila's most recent art project was to sew a doll.
This little... uuum...cutie is named 'Ghoul Girl'.
When it rained here for the first time in like...oh...I dunno, the first time 365 days, Lila took Ghoul Girl outside to experience "rain...water falls from the sky"...it was way cute.


sonjasi visits

Sonjasi shipped herself off to D.C. a few months ago but came back to Colo. for a brief moment this weekend.

OOOOH! We miss her dearly!

Gabriel and I made "Welcome Back!" kolam and then handed her a coconut with a pile of burning camphor on it and requested her to smash it on the kolam [a puja done in India before any journey]....tiz an invocation of sacred blessing for "What comes next".

S P L A T!!!!

Picking up the pieces!

And here she is feeding Sir Ribbit
[Lila's pet frog]
Wow! What a crazy pink chapeau!

Skipping down the mountain after our hike up was way fun woman!
Breathing deep and KNOWING its all Grace!