call to the lorax

A rather alarming update on my beloved gothic garden: the evil overlord of our caravan park has come by my home 4 times this month and issued me a signed ' notice to quite' (with an eviction notice pending) regarding all of my gardens, some of which I planted 21 years ago. He already took down a 50 ft. cottonwood which provided much appreciated shade and plans to forcefully remove all other trees, shrubs and non-grass flora from my yard.
He claims the roots from the plants will brake the pipes and cables buried in the earth and that he is banning all gardens from the entire Orchard Grove Mobile Home Park (the name alludes to the thick irony of all this).  Many, many other people have much more extensive gardens than mine but he seems to be trying to use me as an example.
My neighbors now refer to this area as the Barren Flats Park. I've transplanted 2 rather large cherry trees, lilacs, plums, elderberries, Japanese maples, mulberry trees and potted up many other shrubs and herbs so that their roots will not touch his precious lawn. He informed me that all of my herbs look like weeds to him and must therefore be evacuated immediately. This little patch of earth outside my door now looks like a war zone with huge gashes, deep holes and random divots where life once to blossomed forth.
He is clearly picking on me at the moment but he says the other 199 homes will be dealt the same orders in the coming year...sod - sod- and more sod is his mantra. The chain saws are going all day long as he takes down 75 ft. tall trees in a manner that would certainly horrify the Lorax. Making matters all the less pleasant, he has a nasty communication style in which he has taken to calling me "Little Missy" when he is issuing his anti-garden demands...ugh.  Perhaps it is time for me to file a harassment claim with the city so they at least know that this guy is nuts...funny how his name is John NUTALL.