memory is full

If only I could download the images from this new camera (the one with the FULL memeory card) there would be some lovley new fotos with which I could amuse you all...but alas, it seems to be a bit more complicated than all that.


dig it

Came across 2 migrant workers yesterday pouring cement into forms to make walls. Looks like seriously complicated work, I can't even begin to wrap my mind around all the variables.

One of them attempted to habla espanol to me, he brought his hand to his head, wiped his brow and said, "Cabeza".

It was an hour later when I realized he was asking me,
"Que pasa?"
...Dang! I need to hurry up and learn...


fancy drive'in

Looks like this school bus tried the short cut...

straight thru a forest...

60 years ago...

That's what we call fancy drive'in...

thai massage

A few images from yesterday's photo shoot...


Lila has been drawing and writing up a storm recently.

*note for above image:
in his right hand he holds all the darkness in the world
and in his left hand, all the light.

These are but a smattering of what fills the 30 or so books
currently strewn about here room.


equine exstravaganza

Spent the day photographing and rubbing elbows with horses
@ "Public Lands Appreciation Day". I appreciate Public Lands.
Do you appreciate public lands?
...Let's hear it for public lands!

The main event was held @ Mud Lake, about 1 mile North of Nederland.
[Head North out of town, @ " Caribou Ranch Public Lands" exit West.]
It's a lovely hike, especially with the apsens turning and all that....
Seemed that all the Governors, County Commissioners and
public officials from Larimer Country to Timbuktu were present.

Apparently the lake is so perfectly round,
it's believed to have been formed in a
meteor crater...that's kinda cool.

If you want a kitty, start out by asking for a
- Naomi, 15


cabbage juxtaposed

My mother gives me vast quantities of vegetables that she grows in her garden. Following a recent visit to her house, I set this cabbage down to find my keys to unlock the door, I had to marvel at how nicely the green contrasted with the orange of the ladder...

and how nicely the light peeks thru the spaces the bugs nibbled.


x-rated moth whoopie

As winter approaches, I spent several hours yesterday weeding the back garden and trying to make ready the earth for the first freeze. The entire time I was engaged in this task, these two moths were bouncing and flopping all over the yard making, what I can only assume, was moth whoopie.

It was quite an amazing thing to witness at all but what really struck me was that these two moths could even find each other in the first place. Its not as if I see huge gray and orange moths everyday, in fact I've only seen one, one other time and it was
on a different continent. I wonder if they have a pre-arranged meeting place etched on their little moth psyches that gets passed down, generation after generation...