celebrating spring

The best way to know God is to love many things.

-Vincent Van Gogh


on with the dance

sutapta cämékara-candra-nélapadma-

sa nåtya-raìgeñöa-vara-pradäya
kaivalya-näthäya våña-dhvajäya

"I offer my obeisances unto you, who are dressed in garments
resembling molten gold, the moon, blue lotuses, coral, and
dark rainclouds; unto you, who bestow the most desirable
boons on your devotees by means of your delightful dancing;
unto you, who are the master of the impersonalists and unto
you, whose flag bears the image of the bull."

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2008 Koothambalam Siva Ratri Puja:



bhum bhum hara hara

Come One Come All!!!

You are cordilly invited to celebrate Siva Ratri ("Auspicious Night")
with The Koothambalam School of Devadasi Sadir:

This festival marks the first new moon of early spring
as the sacred astrological alignment which heralds the
beginning of the growing cycle for the coming year.
During this time, seeds drink in the five elements as they
begin to rumble underground. Life force begins to flow
upward from the earth, bursting outwards as flowers.
This dark moment, just before life begins anew, is the
silent in-between time, the gap which separates the
death of winter from the life of spring, when the
limitless potential of the divine, ever-dwelling in
the deep interiors of the heart, awakens to itself.

We celebrate Siva's almighty dance with each breath.
Mind, body and heart undulate with Siva's sublime grace
as he delights in making the still and the un-still
dissolve into ecstasy. The ever reverberating "Ha!"
resounds from His exquisite blue throat and the universe
trembles with the anticipation of His next step!

May Siva Ratri bring hope and blessings to

The evening will begin with a short arati
(fire ceremony) and kirtan (singing) followed
by a dance offering made to Siva by the
Koothambalam students.
Tea and snacks will be served afterwards.

*Please bring a pillow to sit on.

Friday, March 7th, 2008
Doors open @ 6:20 pm,
the arati will begin @ 6:30 pm.

This event is free and open to the public.

Shambhala Center Community Room
main floor
1345 Spruce St., Boulder, CO 80302