pakistani crane

When Lila is given homework in which the medium is not specified she seems to have a leaning towards origami, this is her recent report on Pakistan:

The teachers seem amused!

siva continued

A few more moments from Siva Ratri 2007..

aum shanti !

wind and weeds

Noticing how the weeds were dancing about in the wind today.
Had to take a photo...

These are some rather cool weeds, non?
Actually I hear they are 'sweet peas'...thus the spiral-ation.


siva ratri 2007

Naagendra haaraaya thriloochanaaya bhasmaangadhaaraaya maheshwaraaya

Nityaaya shudhdhaaya digambaraaya tasmai nakaaraaya namahshivaaya

Salutations to Siva
Who wears a serpent as garland
Who is three-eyed
Whose bare body is covered with ashes
Who is forever pure and the very embodiment of sacrifice


faj bing

Lila and I took Nadine adventuring yesterday. First stop was to visit with Zazou and her kitty, "Faj Bing". He's such a COOL KAT!
Born with no ears
and yet such a hipster!

Here is Nadine trying to entice the oh so bored feline.


infinite certainty

The Only One

From man's perspective

In this intricate game of love,

It is so easy to become confused

And think that you are the do-er.

But from God's Infinite Certainty,

He always knows

That he is the only One
Who should ever be put on trial.