metal rabbit

The Chinese New Year is February 3rd this year.

Good-bye year of the Tiger - Hello year of the Metal Rabbit.

(Although... there are whispers that he prefers to be called
The Iron Bunny, followed by the sound of a gong.)

This is the ideal time to have a feng shui consultation for the upcoming year.
Hey...whadda ya know!
I have advanced certification from The American Institute of Feng Shui to do just that!
Give me a call at Ling Ling Designs if the Metal Bunny needs to find a cozy nest in your home.


inside job

I saw a bumper sticker recently that summed up
all of my resolutions for this New Year.

Happiness, it's an inside job.

Surely you will find happiness if you
click on the foto above to see it bigger
in all of its fantastico-happiness-making glory!