so much snow

We got 2 1/2 ft. of snow 4 daze ago.
Boulder/Denfar and most of Colorado had a white X-mas indeed!

Airport shut down, mail delivered @ 6am on Sunday?!
Grocery store selves empty, yada yada.

Got lots of phone calls from people living in warmer climes inquiring if we were still alive...it was cute to feel thier trepidation about our weather.

Walking becomes an amusing chore when the snow reaches past one's thigh but it's allllllll good!
Got studded snow tires 2day so I'm good 2 go...maybe.

"They" predict more snow 4 tomorrow....whooo hoooo! Bring it on....

bob the elf

Days and weeks and months seem to become a blur during these Holy Daze. Too much time has passed since that last entry...eeep.

Anywho! Happy Yuletide Festive-ness-ness-ness, Feliz blah-bi-blah and all the rest. Let's just dive right in and introduce you to 'The Elf named Bob'. My guess is that Emily might be living in some of the same "amusing" realities as her father? She made this glorious little elf [the stitching is spectacular]....{yes, he's missing an arm! shhh!...we're trying to not draw attention to that} . This was her gift for her father, he's sitting here right next to me as I type this...He told me that Santa was peeved and wanted to teach him a lesson...yikes! He claims he learned his lesson but I'm not so sure...

Poor Bob! ... We're doing our best to CHEER him way up...

Hey! Seems the word 'Yule' comes from '
Jól', of the Old Norse word 'hjól' meaning 'wheel'. Yuletide identifies the moment when the "Wheel of the Year" is at its low point and is ready to rise again...cool!