finally a finale

Goodbye 2009 and happy happy 2010 to you!
Last year was a doozie...let's move on and start with an invocation, may
we be drenched in all the past, present and future delight that we can handle, umm..yah...let's find more delight than we can handle, that sounds like more fun. I think I'll try to keep it simple and start with breath. Yes, let's all plan to breathe this year, shall we?

I found myself reluctant to vocalize any formal resolutions this year. It kind of implies that I haven't been committed to giving as much as I can while dancing in the oneness of it all, until this year... and that would be sad.

The universe gave me an awesome gift for the New Year; the utter relief of having found what seems to be a remedy for the agonizing nerve damage in my feet (see an earlier post for the details)...to say that I'm way beyond elated is a huge understatement. I had truly forgotten what it meant to not find myself standing...or sitting as the case had been, at the edge of what the human body can endure EVERYDAY!

The joke gets funnier; I was so excited that I could dance again that I tweaked my knee first thing. But being the glutton for punishment that I am, it actually felt good. Its a familiar kind of pain, the sort that dancers get used to, it makes me feel alive. Don't worry, as I type this my knee is almost back to happy.

And the utter irony of this all being created in my brain was the real kicker. If I had ever doubted that we create our own reality I am now an evangelical believer! Praise the Lord and pass the gratitude.

I hear we can change the past just by seeing it differently, so here goes me finding a reason for the last 365 days of pain, lessons learned:

-Mental-physical-spiritual health are not something to take for granted. Without them it is VERY difficult to follow your bliss.

-Don't put it past your brain to be able to create more pain for you than you can even imagine.

-Let life, love and light move through you in order to become the puja of what is...the ever-reverberating aum that dances our all encompassing uni-verse.