tying the knot

Yes-tiz true, I dropped off the radar for a while.

I'm back now and finding inspiration in every nook and cranny of existence again....yah!

That said, may I complain for a moment?... tee hee! I don't like the way that word 'existence' is spelled, I wish it were 'exist-stance', the stance in which we exist, makes more sense, non?...but who am I to make a gripe about Miriam and Webster's authority over me?! ...tawn sarnit!

I've been having some tumultuous life experiences recently, perhaps similar to many other people on this planet, even so, I'm so very glad that my daughter was not born in Darfur.

I'd rather not try to find words for everything that has occurred in my life recently but I'm happy to look for gratitude in the midst of it all and for those of you who know me, let me state, I'm doing well, drifting on the waves of this exist-stance.

I feel driven to create beauty in the world, in every way possible and I am thrilled when people call upon me to do that. I've been teaching many dance classes, doing graphic design jobs, the occasional photo assignment and trying to love thru every moment.

Recently, I was hired to photograph a wedding, one of those- dawn-till-dusk adventures. The Bride and all her Maids were highly decorated--which made for some fabulous photo ops-

took a mere 500 fotos:

The Groom and Best Men seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Twas a lovely ceremony-aside from the ubber Catholic pastor/minister (I'm clueless here people-as to his title-I was raised Buddhist). He informed me that I was allowed to take only ONE photo in the church!

I asked him if I might be allowed to take one more, if the first was out of focus. He seemed quite annoyed with me at that point. He clearly had issues regarding wedding photographers...thus I had to make a plan.

I broke rules, using my secondary camera, not so high definition but very silent, I managed 30 photos,--hope I don't wind-up in the 'Blasphemer's Hell' for that one.

Happily ever after...